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Native Flora and Fauna

 Blair teams up with our friendly, local DOC supervisor and botanist, Rowan to explore our fabulous patch of native bush up at Mill Flat. At the right time of year, Rowan can find a feast in the forest! Children will find out what is safe to eat and what is not, what tastes good and what doesn’t. It is a lovely way to discover how people survived on our land in days gone by and also about the many different culinary and medical uses for common plants in our forests. NB: Bookings available are subject to the availability of DOC staff.

Heritage Education Marlborough

Heritage Education is also able to offer hands-on learning opportunities as part of the Pine Valley camp experience. Blair Walker, who conveniently doubles as the PVOC caretaker, is able to work with groups and tailor the content of the programme to the needs and aspirations of your group. Usually, he will visit you at school to introduce the planned topic in class and then take you on an adventure in Pine Valley. 

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